Daniel Killough

PhD Student, XR Accessibility

Ability of VR for OPT | Daniel Killough

Ability of VR for OPT

PDF copy of the paper

Advisor: Heather Benton (Academic Magnet High School), head of thesis dept.

Mentors: Tom Wilson (Jack Russell Software), Luke Blessinger (TalkTools)

Flowchart with method for converting video

A flowchart detailing each step of converting existing therapy video to stereoscopic 3D


This study evaluates the usage of virtual reality (VR) technologies as a teaching tool in oral placement therapy, a subset of speech therapy. Results found that recorded virtual reality video through a smartphone VR viewer is viable as a learning tool, but knowledge obtained is not necessarily as high as using traditional lecture.

Further research is required to determine how well oral placement therapists respond to physically interacting with models instead of merely viewing it.