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Daniel is a research assistant with the UT CS HCI lab while he awaits Ph.D. Admission decisions.

Daniel is a recent Computer Science graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with additional studies in Digital Arts, Social Media, and Immersive Technologies.
Daniel seeks to professionally research & design innovative methods to improve user experiences, specifically regarding the accessibility of XR devices for consumers with disabilities.
Daniel is working alongside Dr. Amy Pavel researching methods to enhance the livestream viewing experience for blind and low vision people. Daniel also recently completed an internship at Fair Worlds XR experience agency developing two AR apps for mobile web.
Daniel is starting to apply to PhD programs in Human-Computer Interaction for a fall 2023 entry. If you can help with that, please send over an email!


SolAR Run

AKA Skin Cancer in Singapore: Leveraging web AR technologies to educate young adults about skin cancer prevention methods

Proposal awarded $15k research grant from President Jay Hartzell and Texas Global to develop and distribute with Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.
Now live, though data collection has completed. Best played on iPhone X or higher in mobile Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.

The Ability of Virtual Reality Technologies to Improve Comprehension of Speech Therapy Device Training

This study evaluates the usage of virtual reality (VR) technologies as a teaching tool in oral placement therapy, a subset of speech therapy. Results found that recorded virtual reality video is viable as a learning tool, but knowledge obtained is not necessarily as high as using traditional lecture.
Further experimentation is required to determine how well oral placement therapists respond to physically interacting with a model instead of only viewing it.

A PDF copy of the paper can be found here.

Immersive Experiences

Be A Longhorn Campaign

Co-developed a web AR tour experience for incoming UT students and their families. Converted the traditional campus tour experience into an online adventure, complete with story, characters, and minigames.
Now live at UT's admissions office and distributed annually to 70,000+ prospective applicants.

Roses of the Rubble

Combination of live theater, escape room puzzle mechanics and immersive technology for two nights only. Capstone project for Texas Immersive Institute's 2022 cohort.
Roles: Technical Consultant, Full-stack software engineer, Arduino hardware programmer

Other Projects


Co-designed and developed a full-stack web application for CS 378: Intro to Human-Computer Interaction. Formatted for desktop and mobile. Written using NodeJS with a Django backend.
Team: Vishal Tak, Debbie Wong, Francis Tran
Read our Medium article here!

Computer Graphics

C++ Raytracer w/ Whitted illumination model, Phong shading & interpolation, triangle-ray intersections, cube mapping, and anti-aliasing
- with Blake Romero
OpenGL/three.js/GLSL mannequin animator w/ bone picking/cylinder intersection in 3D, camera controls, drag & drop position modification, shader effects, linear blend skinning, and keyframing
- with Blake Romero
Forked & made improvements to Garrett Tongue's webGL water simulation
- with Nathan Demars

Project: Arena Dodgeball

Networked dodgeball game for up to 4 players produced with fellow CS students using Unreal Engine 4.
Controller and Mouse & Keyboard support. Top-down, physics-based, and peer-to-peer networked.

Trailer created using in-game footage and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.
Music by Adhesive Wombat for Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball.
Purchased from Bandcamp for personal use.
Beta version released December 2021 at Digital Demo Day for CS 378: Game Programming Paradigms.
Please email Daniel if you'd like a binary!


Led two teams to create a C++ operating system to load a networked chatroom application. Has keyboard input support.
Built with fellow UT CS students.

Photoshop in Fourths

A four-part visual short story.
Edited using Adobe Photoshop CC 2020
Guitar, pick, glasses, and photos 2-4 c/o @crosemo
Inspired by @madeon

Blender Donut

Modeled donut and coffee from the ubiquitous Blender 2.8 Beginner Tutorial.
Uses sculpting, rendering, materials, lighting, procedural texturing, and scene composition, among other topics.


President, Longhorn Gaming

Former President and CEO for the largest student organization at UT with over 3,500 Discord members.
Directing the design, development, and buildout of UT's esports arena and first high performance Windows computer lab.
Oversaw planning and execution of events drawing hundreds of attendees.

Volunteer Field Tester, HyperX

Provides in-depth feedback for HyperX gaming peripherals. Previous products tested include the Alloy Origins (full size, aqua switch) keyboard and the Stinger S headset. Program specifics under NDA.

Athlete, Collegiate Beat Saber

Former athlete for the VR rhythm game Beat Saber. Peaked Fall 2019 at #6 nationally in CVRE D1 singles. Managed UT team from June 2020 through August 2021.

Athlete, Collegiate Splatoon 2

Former athlete for the Nintendo third person shooter Splatoon 2. IGL and utility/painter for LG Daybreak, one of two UT teams.

Get In Touch

The fastest way to contact is via Discord DM @Kiiro#0001.
Otherwise, shoot an email to contact@dkillough.com.