Daniel Killough

UT '22 | Accessibility in XR

Daniel Killough | UT ‘22 Accessibility in XR

Daniel is a researcher in the UT CS HCI Lab awaiting Ph.D. admission decisions.

Daniel is first authoring a research paper on improving the accessibility of live video for people with visual impairments alongside Dr. Amy Pavel. They intend to submit the full paper to UIST 2023 or ASSETS 2023 come March.

He recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin. Daniel also achieved certifications from the Digital Arts & Media Bridging Disciplines Program and the Texas Immersive Institute.

Daniel seeks to research & design innovative methods to improve user experiences, specifically regarding the accessibility of XR devices for consumers with disabilities.

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Aliases: cs.utexas.edu/~dekilo | dkillough.github.io