Daniel Killough

PhD Student, XR Accessibility

Daniel Killough | PhD Student, XR Accessibility

Hi, I’m Daniel!

I’m a PhD student at UW-Madison working with Dr. Yuhang Zhao in the Human-Computer Interaction Group’s madAbility lab.

I’m looking to research and design novel methods to improve the accessibility of extended reality (XR) devices for consumers with disabilities.

In general, my research interests include human-computer interaction (HCI), extended reality (AR/VR/MR/XR), immersive video (livestreams, 360 video, prejection mapping), accessibility, esports, education, and healthcare.

Outside of work, I track all the music I listen to on last.fm. I also enjoy cooking, playing video games, watching YouTube, and backpacking.

Check out current events, the projects I’ve worked on, or my CV for more info on my work!

Aliases: cs.utexas.edu/~dekilo | dkillough.github.io | pages.cs.wisc.edu/~dekilo