Daniel Killough

PhD Student, XR Accessibility

Roses of the Rubble Immersive Experience | Daniel Killough

Roses of the Rubble Immersive Experience

Article on Texas Immersive

Capstone project for Texas Immersive Institute’s 2022 cohort. Combination of live theater, escape room puzzle mechanics and immersive technology for two nights in May 2022.

Roles: Technical Consultant, Full-stack software engineer, Arduino developer

Taught HTML programming to undergraduate advertising students for touchpoint development.

Developed ultra-low memory data storage mapping (1 byte payload + header information) for NFC stickers carried on playbills. NFC stickers tapped to Arduino computers at each touchpoint to record data.

Acted in-character as Trixi’s assistant to check-in “Valens” (data stored by recording attendance at each touchpoint).