Daniel Killough

PhD Student, XR Accessibility

Regions “IF in LIFE” Augmented Reality Activation | Daniel Killough

Regions "IF in LIFE" Augmented Reality Activation

Web AR Pop-up Activation contracted by Luckie advertising agency for Regions Bank’s “IF in LIFE” campaign

Video composited by Erik Horn

10ft tall statues of “IF” were installed across the southeast at public parks and SEC football stadiums. A podium with a QR code stands 30ft back next to a green 2ft x 2ft image target. When scanned, the QR code opens an 8thWall webpage with an animated “L” and “E” to spell “LIFE”. Confetti cannons rise from the ground, and the user is prompted to launch confetti.

When at an SEC football game, the color of the confetti launched from the cannons are dependent on the teams playing that day. For example, during the Penn St. @ Auburn game in September 2022, one cannon shot dark blue & white confetti while the other shot navy & orange. Otherwise, the cannons both shoot multicolored confetti.

During the countdown, the user is prompted to take a photo or video of the confetti launch, which is then displayed to them with a Regions watermark and custom share prompt linking to Regions’ website.

Team: Erik Horn (management), Keil Aloia (co-developer), Daniel Killough (co-developer), & the rest of the Austin Fair Worlds office