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PhD Student, XR Accessibility

Photoshop in Fourths | Daniel Killough

Photoshop in Fourths

A photo broken up into four sections. The first section shows someone picking up a guitar pick with a green, orange, and blue swirl. It reads 'Madeon' in small text and emits a faint green glow. The second section shows a man wearing a green hoodie, a black t-shirt reading 'Madeon Presents', and black jeans sitting on a white couch with an acoustic guitar. As he strums the guitar, a lightning bolt from the shirt strikes the guitar pick and emits a violet cube that distorts the color inside of it. The third section shows the man curiously looking at the guitar pick, which is now emitting a purple and green light. The space around the pick is also distorted in color. The final section shows the man strumming the guitar with more confidence. He has adorned sunglasses and the entire photo has changed to a pink and green vaporwave color. Within the section sits another box around the base of the guitar and the man, which has transformed the colors within to a heavily saturated, rainbow palette. He is smiling.

Edited using Adobe Photoshop CC 2020

Guitar, pick, glasses, venue, and photos 2-4 c/o Colette Montminy

Inspired by @madeon