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SolAR Run

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Skin Cancer in Singapore:
Leveraging web AR technologies to educate young adults about skin cancer prevention methods

Proposed and awarded $15k research grant from President Jay Hartzell and Texas Global via the President’s Award for Global Learning. The project aimed to develop and distribute an impactful immersive experience to influence intent to wear sun protection. Project executed in Singapore at Nanyang Technological University and Austin, TX at the University of Texas at Austin.



Three individuals sit with varying degrees of wrinkles, sunburn, hyperpigmentation, tan, and freckles shown through an augmented reality filter on their faces. Team members Erin Reilly, Sajani Patel, and Melvin Sureshbabu demonstrate the cosmetic effects of UV exposure given varying skin types and levels of exposure using the web AR app.

Data collection has completed, though the paper has yet to be completed.

The home screen for the autorunner game. The background is a 3D representation of space, with the sun on the left side and the Earth on the right side. White stars intermittendlty litter the space between them. The text 'SOLAR RUN' sits at the top of the screen, and two buttons reading 'Sign in' and 'Sign up' sit at the bottom.

An archived version is now live here on UT web servers. Best played on mobile. Formatted for iPhone X or higher in mobile Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.