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PhD Student, XR Accessibility

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Longhorn Gaming

Longhorn Gaming, the largest student organization at the University of Texas at Austin.

An auditorium full of college students. Every seat in the room is occupied. Some people stand to the side and on the stairs.

Leadership Roles:

Athletic Roles:

This page focuses on my administrative/operational work with LG. For more information on athletics, see Esports



Transcript from the Ribbon Cutting:

Thank you, Dr. Lilly!

My name is Daniel Killough. I go by Kiiro online, and I have been the Community Director, Vice President of External Affairs, and the President, respectively, of Longhorn Gaming over my past three years at UT. I’m now starting my last semester of undergrad as a computer science major, and I’m in the process of applying for Ph.D. programs in Human-Computer Interaction to join a lab for next fall.

In life, I feel like I always somehow overload my plate – but I’ve always made time to work on Longhorn Gaming. I’ve found planning events, reworking our community Discord server, and meeting to create great programs like this one – to be what I would consider as “fun work”; even if I admittedly shouldn’t be prioritizing it over … other things I should be doing instead :)

Esports on campus has been a lot to manage; Longhorn Gaming actively supports over 30 game titles simultaneously with our over 100 volunteers – all of whom spend their free time just trying to build communities for people to come together and play their favorite games with.

However, I’m super proud of what I’ve been able to contribute during my time with Longhorn Gaming, as well as what Austin “AceEspy” Espinoza and Ashley “asurikae” Kim were able to establish before me, with faculty advisors Michael Baker, Brittney Outlaw and now, James Buckley.

The opening of this space by Alienware and University Unions is just one part of the recognition of esports on campus, and I greatly appreciate all the time and energy that Alienware and University Unions have put in to making these dreams a reality.

Although I’m graduating in December, I for one know that I’ll be frequenting this space – at least just to see what’s going on – and I know that the over four thousand gamers in our community will be too.