Daniel Killough

PhD Student, XR Accessibility

Esports Athletics | Daniel Killough

Esports Athletics

Beat Saber


Peaked Fall 2019 at #6 nationally over all participants in the Collegiate VR Esports League (Division 1, singles).

Team Manager

Managed the UT esports team from June 2020 through August 2021. Division 2 (doubles) team placed top 4 nationwide fall 2020. Responsibilities primarily included organizing practice and match times for teams.


IGL; Utility/Support/Painter

In-game leader and shotcaller. Unofficially influenced practice schedules, team organization, and match coordination.

Orange Longhorn Gaming logo.
LG Orange (inaugural team)
Fall 2020
Graphic for LG daybreak logo, featuring a yellow-orange squid with its tentacles outstretched encompassing a sun. Red-orange 'daybreak' text overlays the bottom of the squid.
LG Daybreak
Spring 2021
Graphic for LG Fly-by-Night logo, featuring a red squid in a blue circle with white 'Fly by night' text overtop.
LG Fly-by-Night
Fall 2021 - Spring 2022
Graphic for LG nightfall, featuring a crescent moon and stars on a purple background. A small octopus icon shoots out from the middle opening of the crescent.
LG Nightfall
Fall 2022

Daybreak, Fly-by-Night, and Nightfall team graphics by Miranda “galaxy” West

Splatoon 2 mains (2020-2022): N-ZAP ‘85(TC), K-Jr.(SZ), N-ZAP ‘89(RM), K-52(CB).
  Secondaries: Bloblobber, CDS, Carbon Deco

Splatoon 3 mains (2022): 52-Gal(RM/CB), N-ZAP(SZ), Jr.(TC)