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Exploring Community-Driven Descriptions for Making Livestreams Accessible


People watch livestreams to connect with others and learn about their hobbies. Livestreams feature multiple visual streams including the main video, webcams, on-screen overlays, and chat, all of which are inaccessible to livestream viewers with visual impairments. While prior work explores creating audio descriptions for recorded videos, live videos present new challenges: authoring descriptions in real-time, describing domain-specific content, and prioritizing which complex visual information to describe. We explore inviting livestream community members who are domain experts to provide live descriptions. We first conducted a study with 18 sighted livestream community members authoring descriptions for livestreams using three different description methods: live descriptions using text, live descriptions using speech, and asynchronous descriptions using text. We then conducted a study with 9 livestream community members with visual impairments, who shared their current strategies and challenges for watching livestreams and provided feedback on the community-written descriptions. We conclude with implications for improving the accessibility of livestreams.

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